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InFocus JTouch Success Story: Marysville Elementary School

Kelli Joy, 5th grade teacher at Marysville Elementary, loves the flexibility of the JTouch Whiteboard. It allows her students on laptops to share their work in a seamless way that keeps the class moving at a faster pace.

The students love the big touch screen. They clamor to put their hands on it, touch it, engage with it and present on it. Plus, when students can physically connect with what they're learning, that often brings an a-ha! moment.

The JTouch is technology that the students already know, just on a larger scale. That's how they access information at home. Schooling has to be connected to the real world and technology such as this gives students that advantage.

The interactive whiteboard that's built into the JTouch has been one of the most useful tools in the classroom -- especially having the ability to save their work and reference it days later. The students get to express what they know in a way that is more natural for them.

When technology is able to engage students, it is something schools have to consider investing in.

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